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Q: How is AeTopus pronounced?
A: ay toe puhss

Q: What does AeTopus mean?
A: AeTopus is a contrived, compound word that suggests Time (Ae) and Place (Topus), although any linguistic or historical accuracy is not claimed or intended.

Q: Are all those instruments played by one person?
A: The music is actually a mosaic of many different sound sources. Some sounds and instruments are arranged through hardware and software synthesizers and samplers, and others are performed and recorded by Bryan and his collaborators. All are carefully edited, tweaked, and mixed to produce the final tracks.

Q: Does AeTopus play live shows?
A: Not at this time - AeTopus is primarily a studio endeavor. If a live tour materializes, however, this website will contain information on locations and dates.

Q: When will the next AeTopus album be released?
A: Work has begun on the next full-length album, but the release date is nebulous and won’t be announced until post-production is underway. Please feel free to visit the AeTopus Facebook feed for frequent news and updates.

Q: Can I download and print the liner notes on this website?
A: Absolutely, but please keep in mind that the files on the Liner Notes page are low resolution, will not result in high quality prints, and are presented for reference purposes only.

Q: If I order a CD, can I have it signed by the artist?
A: Yes, if the CD is purchased directly through this website - All you need to do is ask! Go here to order.

Q: How do I contact Bryan?
A: Send correspondence to:

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(address is not clickable to discourage SPAM - please type into the To: field of your e-mail program)

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